On Growth Hacking

Setting aside my plans for world domination temporarily, I’ve started working as a Growth Hacker at one of India’s leading consumer mobile app startups for a couple of months now. We’re working in the social messaging domain, and we hope to be one of the biggest “Made in India” success stories on the global internet/mobile product startup scene.

We are still an early stage startup, but you’ll be hearing about us a lot in the coming months. We’ll be launching soon, and I’ll be updating the blog again when we hit a million users. Just to gloat a bit, but more importantly, to share my experiences about growth hacking — trying to achieve hockey-stick hyper growth in a highly crowded space with not much more than a vastly superior product which blows away the competition and a few ideas (which I hope work out).

So what is growth hacking? In one word, it’s awesome. In a few more words, it’s one of the coolest things one can ever do. (Especially for quasi-megalomaniacal people who make plans for world domination when they’re bored. And this is coming from a guy who hates working for the most part.)

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But a million is not what I’m aiming for. Because a million users isn’t cool. You know what’s cool? A billion fucking users.

PS: Always wanted to use that line. It’s so awesome.

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