2012: The Year That Was

2012 was roughly the 24th year of my life. Not my best, but a very eventful one nevertheless.

A boring start…

It’d been more than a year since I graduated from college in late 2010. Almost six months since I left that “stable” job at DoucheBigCo #1 and narrowly escaped the “MBA” clusterfuck to join a startup. Moved to Delhi. Delhi has been good. A bit boring though.

Things get exciting…

Did some awesome work at Startup #1. Led the team in India. Had fun. Realized how screwed up the education scene in India is when we started hiring. Glad about recent life choices. Made some decent money through bonuses, freelancing and doing random shit. Fuck-you money levels reach 0.27%.

Shit happens…

Had to appear for the CFA L2 exam. Didn’t really care. Had a bout of jaundice. Didn’t give a shit about that either. Mostly bored. Realized priorities in life.

Shift in focus. Asked out a really awesome, cute and intelligent girl that I liked a lot. Worked on that. Brief signs of hope and happiness. Didn’t work out in the end. Worth it though. Trough of sorrow.

It’s funny how many parallels can be drawn between startups and life.

Gotye’s Somebody That I Used To Know on continuous loop for a week. Got over it. Reconnected with a lot of old friends. Re-evaluation of life choices.

Screw it, let’s do it?

Time to work on my own startup. Quit Startup #1.

Idea in place. Vision in place.

Time to become a billionaire. Time for world domination. Time to get back in the game. Time to nut up or shut the fuck up.

Avengers, assemble!

Didn’t work out. FUCK! Failed to assemble my A-team.

Startup life lesson: Finding the right team is tougher than trying to get Scarlett Johansson to date you.

Because however shitty your post is, having Scarlett Johansson’s picture always helps.

Tried joining an NGO. Argued about how they should go for scalable, big-impact stuff instead of the idealistic crap they do. Rejected. Tried joining a startup accelerator program. Shitty resume and track record, low experience, too early, too much competition. Rejected.

Trough of sorrow part deux.

Getting back…

Connected with some awesome people in the startup community. Discovered another startup planning to do something related to my big idea. Interview. Big pitch. Worked out.

New beginnings…

New role. Interesting work. Moved to Gurgaon. Met one of the greatest Indian entrepreneurs. Attended #NPC in India. Met some brilliant people. Further connected with the Indian startup community. Inspired.

First international vacation to Thailand with friends after years. Good times.

Cut to present…

Working on something awesome at Startup #2. Something massive. Time to go big or go home. You’ll know soon.

The way ahead…

If/when my current gig ends, I’ll have worked in every major area I’m interested in -technology, finance, growth, strategy, marketing, internet/mobile products etc.

In 2013, I’ll definitely start working on my big idea. One way or the other. In my own startup or someone else’s. Probably the latter. Hopefully the former.

2013 to-do:

  • Fuck-you money [unlock achievement]
  • Work on my idea/startup.
  • Travel more. India. World.
  • Read more. Movies less.
  • Music more. Internet less.
  • Experiences, not things.
  • Don’t get bored.

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