Hello World!
Welcome to my website.

Note: This page is roughly 10 years old now. Too bored to update it for now. If you’re really interested, you can stalk me online.

Who Am I?

I am Pathik Shah, 20, M, from Mumbai, India.

I am a student of I.T. Engg at D J Sanghvi College of Engg. and a member of CSI- Computer Society of India.

I am also a Sun Certified Java Professional (SCJP) and a Microsoft Student Partner (MSP).

What Interests Me?

My hobbies include surfing the internet in search of new technology and gadgets, watching movies, reading books – mostly realistic non-fiction, tweaking my PC and cellphone, and gaming. I also like reading up on finance and stuff, which apparently seems quite strange considering my line of education. I also do a bit of web development in my free time. I am a big fan of Google and Opera and like to follow developments related to Google, Microsoft, Apple, the Linux / OSS community, Yahoo and others.

Why Am I Here?

Well it has been quite some time since I had been thinking to create a blog and enlighten the world, but wasn’t able to get myself to actually do it. Now that I have, I aim to blog regularly about technology and other issues that concern me. Oh screw it! The actual reason I am doing this is to earn truckloads of cash so that I don’t have to work ever in my life.

My Future Plans…

I am still doubtful I will survive engineering, but in case I do, I have no idea of what to do after that. I have many options – MBA, MS, Job or my own startup. The last is very appealing to me, and I hope it all works out. I doubt anyone is going to be interested in it, but I will keep updating this page to let you know of any developments.


I don’t think this page is going to get any hits, but if you have been kind enough to read through all this, thanks a lot. I hope that you like my blog and keep visiting it.

Contact Me.

If you have any queries related to computers, mobiles or technology, or just want to say a simple ‘Hi’, you can contact me through the following channels.


me [at] pathikshah [dot] com


pathiktech [at] gmail [dot] com

pathik_tech [at] yahoo [dot] com

pathiktech [at] hotmail [dot] com


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Pathik Shah